Unique Merch Item for Carolina The Band

The hottest new Merch item for bands and artist is Coinhole!  We are able to partner with bands and artist for a great new piece of merchandise.  Check out this list of benefits:

  • Unique Merch item
  • Price point can be $14.99 for single boards, or $29.99 for game sets
  • Custom designs that can be changed with each show or tour.
  • Free design work
  • Low minimum order
  • Fast moving Merch item
  • Hand made in Lattimore, NC.

Coinhole is a table top version of cornhole, that you play with coins.  Check out www.coinhole.com to learn more.

Carolina the band is a  High energy touring group hailing from both of the Carolinas.  If you long for the rustic sounds of Classic Country, reminiscent of the  Oak Ridge Boys and the Statler Brothers, Carolina is your band. Unashamed of the Gospel, passionate about the importance of Family and proudly Patriotic, Carolina is paving the way for a revival of Country music back to it's roots.




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