Coinhole Made in the USA

 Coinhole Boards Are Made By Hand in the USA

On this July 4th holiday, the team at Coinhole™ is excited to share their “Made In The USA” story. We are proud that our master craftsmen still handcraft every board in the USA. 

In a small town called Lattimore, North Carolina, master craftsmen were working away in their woodworking shop. They crafted beautiful cabinets, cupboards and cornhole boards.

One day, in 2008, the craftsmen were asked to make miniature versions of Cornhole boards, to play on a tabletop. Before the craftsmen could begin creating mini cornhole bags, a quarter was bounced off of the table and onto the board. “Coinhole!” thought the master craftsman himself.

In that moment Coinhole™, the quarter bouncing game, was born. And the name was the perfect fit for a mini tabletop version of Cornhole played with coins. It was soon after trademarked and put on the market!

Today, our boards continue to stand out for their premium quality. Hold a board in your hands and examine it, and the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each piece will be strikingly apparent. When you have one of our boards, it’s easy to tell that is is The Original, The Official Coinhole game.

Why Coinhole™ premium, quality boards stand above the rest:


Select Grade Maple - Our boards are made only from the highest quality maple. This beautiful wood’s natural golden and creamy white hues let us create a beautiful, yet durable product.

Routing & Sanding - The hole on each board is routed by hand. We sand the product until it feels smooth to the touch. We also sand and route the edges of our boards for a professional furniture-standard finish.

Blemish-Free - Each board is inspected by our master craftsmen. If there any blemishes on the board, it will not be sold to you.

As we grow, our commitment continues to be to our products, our clients and our reputation. Thank you to all of our customers, friends and family for their support. We are so excited to have grown to where we are today!



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