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official coinhole game rules


Official Coinhole rules: for playing on one board, sitting beside your opponent.
1. Quarters must bounce off surface in front of board
2. 3 points for a quarter in the hole, 1 point for a quarter on the board
3. Alternate turns bouncing two quarters each
4. The scores cancel one another. Take the subtracted score of the round
5. Play to 21
6. If at the bar, all quarters thrown behind the bar are now the bartenders’. They shall not be asked for return.

Standard 2 or 4 person play across the table – for playing across from your opponent
1. Just like Corn hole except each player bounces 2 quarters instead of 4
2. Quarters must bounce off surface in front of board
3. 3 points for in the hole, 1 point for on the board
4. Alternate turns bouncing two quarters each
5. The scores cancel one another. Take the subtracted score of the round
6. Play to 21

Speed Coinhole 4-8 person Poker version (every three people add a board)
The point is to win everyones quarter at the table, or win the pot in the middle. This is somewhat poker style
1. Another popular variation on Coinhole which is a competitive game, with two quarters per person and two Coinhole boards. There should be at least four players around the table. Everyone can ante up $1 or you can play for the two quarters you are playing with. That just requires everyone to bring a lot of quarters to the tournament. Each player begins with two Quarters. Two players on opposite sides of the table are chosen to start at the same time by saying go. Each player must attempt to successfully bounce his or her quarter into Coinhole board as quickly as possible. If a player misses, the player must quickly try again. As soon as a player gets his quarter in, they pass the board to the player on his right. If a player shoots the quarter into the Coinhole on the first try, then he may pass it to either direction left or right. The board then continues in that direction until someone else hits it on the first try.
2. When the boards catch up to one another the player must stack the boards in a manner to prevent the other player from making a shot, then the player is the loser. This happens when that player is attempting to get his/her quarter into the board, but unsuccessfully, when the player to his/her left or right makes a shot and passes the second Coinhole board to the loser. The player that stacked him/her is said to have “screwed” the loser, and signifies this by immediately stacking his own board on the other board. This action serves to prevent the loser from attempting another shot, since oftentimes the loser is unaware that the player to the left has “screwed” them.
3. At this point, the loser is allowed one final shot into the stacked boards. If the loser misses, he or she must put one of their two quarters into “the Pot”. If the loser makes the final shot, then the loser passes the stacked boards to the person of his choosing. That player now has one shot into the stacked boards. This can continue until someone misses the stacked boards.
4. After each stack and miss the boards are to be split apart and one is given to the person to the left of the loser, and the second to the most opposite person and play begins again by saying go.
5. Play Continues until there is one person left, and they are the winner. They can take the pot.
Code of Coinhole: There are several rules that are more code than rules. However, these codes should be taken very seriously.
1. No delay of game – this means you may not stall in order to set someone up.
2. No cheating – if you are caught cheating you must put one quarter in the pot.
3. Catch quarters – it is everyone’s duty to catch quarters for your opponents during the game.
4. “In and out doesn’t count” – a shot must go in the Coinhole Board and not bounce out.
5. A shot through the stack counts as long as it goes through the top board.
6. Odd number opposite? – When you are down to an odd number, the most opposite person is the most opposite person closest to the last person stacked.
7. Yelling and screaming is encouraged.
8.  The "Switch" - This occurs when two players, side-by-side, with boards moving toward each other, hit the shot at the same time.  They can simply switch boards and take the shot as fast as they can to try and reverse the direction to make the stack.
9. Any Questions please visit coinhole on facebook.

*Not sold as a quarter bouncing drinking game, like you play in to a shot glass.


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