Thank you for your interest in Coinhole™.   In 2008, we were asked to make some miniature Cornhole boards for desktop play.  The creating of the boards was quite simple.  Before we even had time to make the first mini cornhole bags, the owner was already bouncing Quarters onto the board.  He knew it was a great idea, but didn't really get excited until he came up with the name Coinhole™.  It was such a perfect fit, since it was a smaller version of Cornhole that you play with coins.  As soon as the name was created, it was trademarked and put on the market!  These boards have now been sold all around the world. 

Each board is hand made by master craftsmen. They give a great deal of attention to detail.   We truly care about our products, our clients, and our reputation.  We hope you can join the Coinhole™ family by purchasing a set today!

We are located outside of Shelby, NC in a small town called Lattimore.

Please contact us at

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