unique 2017 father's day gift ideas

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day 2017 is just around the corner. And in a world of flashy and expensive online gift options manufactured in masses, coming up with something unique might seem impossible.   

Daughters and sons everywhere will struggle to think up the perfect Father’s Day gift. But the key to one that breaks through the monotony of ties and money clips is simple.

A unique Father’s Day gift is the outcome of sincere thoughtfulness - that means you actually have to think - yes, think - about ideas in advance. This forethought and planning is easier said than done, so the team at Coinhole would love to help you kick start your brainstorming process.

Here are some things to think about to help you come up with a Father’s Day gift he'll actually appreciate. Think about:

  1. Shared Memories - Get him something that pays tribute to a shared memory or even try to recreate it by giving a gift certificate for an old favorite restaurant or past time.
  2. Putting Dad First - Nothing says “dad first” like volunteering to do something he loves with him - that he knows you never wanted to do.

    Hated that one song he always had playing on repeat growing up? Put in on in the background during Father’s Day lunch. He’ll be sure to appreciate, and even get a kick out of it. For bonus points, sing along.

  3. How He Spends His Time - Give him something that will make more enjoyable or enhance his experience doing what he does best, or what he loves most. This could be something for his man cave, the office or related to his favorite hobby.

  4. His Biggest Headache - A great gift is one that solves a problem. True story. We know someone whose dad had a huge problem with squirrels getting into his attic and eating through the walls. The Father’s Day gift that year was industrial-grade squirrel repellent. Needless to say, dad absolutely loved it and got to squirrel-proofing his house right away.

  5. Quality Time - The old saying that “kids spell love, T-I-M-E” also applies to parents and how they feel about their adult children. Think of something you can do together to get in some uninterrupted quality time. Sometimes a tabletop game, a meal, and good conversation is all you need. No matter the activity you chose, try turning off your phone to give dad the full attention he deserves.

Enjoy a game of Coinhole™ with dad this Father’s Day. Our custom boards are proudly handmade in the USA and can be customized with dad’s favorite hobby or team. Spend some time casually playing with Dad or rally the whole family for a Coinhole tournament.

Send a Father’s Day Gift directly from our woodworking shop in North Carolina:

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