2017 memorial day cookout ideas

2017 memorial day patriotic cookout ideas

Coinhole Presents: 7 Easy Ways To Make Your Memorial Day CookOut More Patriotic

At Coinhole, we believe in the importance of unplugging and spending quality time with our loved ones. On Memorial Day, we take a step back to spend time with family and friends while honoring the men and women who have lost their lives serving in the U.S. military.

Need some unique ideas make your 2017 Memorial Day cookout or celebration even more patriotic? Here is a list of easy Coinhole staff favorites:

    1. USA Flower Arrangements: Place mason jars on picnic benches featuring red, white and blue arrangements. Try using white daisies, red carnations and blue delphinium.
    2. Patriotic Parfaits: Serve blueberries and strawberries between layers of whipped cream inside of unique glassware. Skip the Cool Whip and make your own cream at home the day before your cookout.
    3. Soldier Prayer Trunk: Offer your guests a trunk full of toy soldiers, and place a sign above that encourages them to take one and place it somewhere in their home to remind them to pray for and be thankful for those serving our country every day!
    4. Memorial Candles: Place some sand in the bottom of mason jars and provide tealight candles. Let your family members and guests light a candle and keep them burning throughout your celebration in honor of any loved ones lost or currently serving.
    5. Patriotic Popcorn Treat: Mix a few bags of popped plain popcorn with red and blue M&Ms or any other colored chocolate candy. For added fun, use colored chocolate melts by melting each color one at a time and pouring over the popped popcorn.
    6. Serve Strawberry Lemonade: Transform this refreshing classic from yellow to red by adding fresh strawberries. Here is an all-natural strawberry lemonade guests will love.
    7. Play American Flag Coinhole™: We just had to! Enjoy a game of Coinhole on an American Flag Coinhole board.  Check out our special pricing on the American Flag Coinhole Combo Set, buy 4 and get 1 free.

If you have any Memorial Day traditions or ideas, please feel free to share in the comments section below.


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