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Coinhole™ Trophy Board - Single Boards

Coinhole™ Trophy Board

$ 15.00

Looking for a unique trophy for your event?  Please use this product to order your stock, 1st place trophy.  If you would like to customize the trophy, please use the "customize your own board" link.  We can change color, and wording to match your event.   

Enjoy a game of Coinhole™ on this handmade Light Blue and White with Rules Coinhole™ board.  This tabletop quarter bouncing board game is a great gift for anyone, any age.  Order now and let the fun begin!


  • One handmade select maple Coinhole™ board
  • Instructions for single board play
  • Coinhole­™ Sticker

     Every Coinhole™ board is built by hand in the USA!

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